Saturday, May 29, 2004

I'm Just a Girl

Today I had to go to the hair salon to get highlights and my hair trimmed. I dread it because it takes about 3 hours. By the end of the three hours my neck & back hurt from those stupid chairs and I know that I will have little hairs on my person for days. The only part that it totally enjoyable is the hair washing. I LOVE to have my head massaged. I need to get one of those head tingler thingys from Linens n Things. Do you know that it costs $20? That's a lot for a head massager thingy I think. My friend has a vibrating one, but I think that is taking it to another level.
I like pampering myself don't get me wrong, but why don't men have to groom themselves? It is just the start of the shirtless season where men across the country will be topless and we will be temporarily blinded by the sea of hairy backs. Men, please wax your back. I am sure a loved one will gladly oblige or, if you have no loved one, please seek the nearest salon, stick out your chest, throw your shoulders back and with pride demand a back waxing pronto. Women, if you know of a man with an exceptional amount of hair on his back or perhaps even overly hairy pits or thighs, offer your waxing services. You will be helping all mankind.
I along with your fellow Americans, Thank You in advance.


  1. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Hmmmm......why don't men have to groom themselves? Answer me this: Why do women spend money on a wedding gown, shoes, manicure, pedicure, garter, panty hose, sexy underwear,veil, special trip to the hairdresser, possibly a make-up person etc and then men rent everything except their own underwear and socks?
    I almost died when I found out Rich could rent shoes to get married in. What is this a bowling alley?????????

    As for hairy backs.....why wax when you can braid??

  2. Anonymous8:47 PM

    why shavewhen so many men like a woman with body hair
    Who said you had to shave and why


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