Tuesday, June 01, 2004


There are some things that happen in your life to make you remember that you are an adult. Life events, purchases or even just life's little things that happen make you terribly happy. As a child though, these things wouldn't have caused a bleep on the happiness meter. Here are some things that have happened to me recently, that made me again realize that I truly am an adult.
1) My Shark cordless sweeper. Do you have one of these? They are amazing and made me realize that my huge, bulky, loud vacuum sucks and hasn't been picking up half of what it should have been.
2) Coffee already made when you wake up. A terrific discovery, only made better if you awoke to find that someone has purchased you a dunkin donuts or starbucks caffeinated beverage.
3) We bought new rugs for the house we recently bought & haven't moved into yet. I love said rugs and cannot believe how many times I talked about them to anyone who would listen the past 2 days. I mean, they are just rugs.
4) Enjoying the first pee of the morning. I love it, I enjoy seeing how much urine has actually collected during the night and I also enjoy the knowledge that I control my own relief.
It is a highly underrated experience. Live in the moment I say.
5) Clorox bleach stick has changed my life.
Exciting stuff huh?

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  1. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I get up to pee a few times during the night so my morning pee isn't all that exciting for me.
    I can totally relate to my life being altered by the Clorox bleach stick!! Thank you god!!! Now I can save a good portion of clothing from the trash!!!!! Lillianna is always spilling a little something here or there!


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