Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I'm Rick James, Bitch

You got to love Dave Chapelle.
I need a "I'm Rick James Bitch" T-shirt.

I have to actually buy boxes for our move. Who buys boxes? Everyone has boxes, they appear with random shit in them at your door, you find them on the street, why am I paying for boxes? Not only that but I am paying for the shipping of boxes. I went to a store here & asked if they had any extra boxes I could have before they crushed them. They guy was giving me a blank stare & then said " I don't think we are allowed to give those out." Why the fuck not? Is the safe code in the boxes? I explained to him I was a manager at said store and we always gave customers boxes when they wanted, but he was giving me the blank stare again. I walked away.

I have had to walk away from many people in my day. Like my friend's boyfriend who asked for his $2.50 change back from the $200 dinner we just had when he barely paid for his dinner and didn't include tip or tax when he managed to loosen the death grip he had on his $20. I had to walk away from people when I was pregnant and my poor body couldn't deal with the musky perfume/coffee breath/BO every damn day. I also had to walk away from the guy in my office, whom I lovingly referred to as Fatty McButter pants, when he put his hand down his pants whilst in a conversation with me. (It was an often occurrence) Unacceptable man.


  1. When we were moving I went to the liquor store and asked for boxes too. The blank look lasted forever. "You know, the state of the box after it's contents have been emptied." More blank looks. I looked back at him. He huffed and puffed and said, "We don't do that anymore." Do What??? Give empty boxes to people instead of throwing them away? Is there some type of liability??
    I called the big supermarket near us and they said to come at 7:00am which is right when they open and get all the boxes I wanted. That's when they unpack cereal so I had Kellogg's and Post boxes up the wazoo!
    So try a supermarket. They're not so weird about BOXES!

  2. Chappelle is a demi-god. I love him. He has some funny shit, that's for sure.

    Try Target. Befriend the freaky night-stocker types, they'll give you the hook up.

  3. i'm going to be brutally honest....chapelle is awesome. if you get a chance, watch his hbo stand up. but the rick james shirt.....that's overplayed. if you want something from that skit i'd go with "its a celebration bitches" or "the darkness is spreading" or "show charlie murphy your titties"

    on a side note, keep your eye on charlie murphy. he's a funny mofo. every skit he was in was hilarious. i'd like to see him get a little bit more airtime.


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