Friday, June 04, 2004


I think of myself as a fairly intelligent person, I know how to read, I went to school and I have even held down jobs. I may be wrong though, because I have no idea how to add links to this blog. I would like to add links.
Can someone help me get linky with it?


  1. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Ask Julie from DotMoms and Mominthemirror. She is really quite knowledgable about this stuff. I am clueless, sorry. Julie is on vacation for a few more days but I bet she would answer you. She is a wonderful and helpful person. Good luck!

  2. Go into templates and scroll down till you see something like this:

    !-- Begin #sidebar --

    once you get past there, you can add links in this format:

    My linkYou might want to start your list after the profile bar which looks like this:

    !-- End #profile --


  3. blast, it read the html rather than posting it like it was supposed to. Grrr. I tried to make small edits, but that didn't work. Okay, here's the text you need to post a link:

    (arrow pointing to the left) h r e f (no spaces) = "" (right pointing arrow) My links (left pointing arrow) / A (right pointing arrow)

    I have to break it apart or else blogger just posts it as a link. I hope that makes some semblance of sense. There shouldn't be any spaces at all.


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