Thursday, June 03, 2004


Has anyone actually ever seen these on the road? The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, the Pepperidge Farm Goldfishmobile or the Hershey kissmobile? Maybe they don't really even exist. Maybe they are just superimposed for the purpose of the television ad in hopes of people everywhere jumping in their cars to search for these mobiles only to have to pull over at the nearest convenience store to purchase some of the products?*
I would love to find one of these mobiles so I can flag them down and gorge myself on their treats and then take many pictures of my and my family with the mobile for Christmas cards. That would make a GREAT Christmas card.
I heard a rumor that there is a peepsmobile. I know a girl who would love to have access to the peepsmobile, but will only eat the peeps if they are slightly stale.
I am off to go find any proof that these mobiles actually exist.

*Please don't ever eat a wiener from a convenience store. I beg of you.


  1. Anonymous6:22 PM

    No way.....if they DO exist it's probably in the south where the UFOs get their victims.
    I ain't never seen no weiner mobile. I know some people that are weiners but that probably doesn't count!

    My sister would love the peeps mobile! Where the heck is that thing? I would definitely want info about it.

  2. Anonymous4:21 AM

    There's actually a contest to win the weinermobile for the day! You should sign up


  3. Stacie- You made my day. If I win it I will come & pick you up!

  4. The Weinermobile does exist. As was stated by some one else, its seen mostly here in the south. Now the Goldfish and the Hershey Kiss I couldn't tell you. But if you ever come to Atlanta, Ga you have a good chance to see the Weinermobile.

  5. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Apparently, the GOLDFISHMOBILE stopped in my city not too long back. I didn't even KNOW they had a Goldfishmobile! My hubby saw it at a motel nearby... and didn't tell me about it until days later!!! AAAAAAAAAA!!! I love the Goldfish jingle and their cheesy, crunchy goodness.

    He bites. :P

  6. Anonymous10:01 PM

    The Wienermobile does exist. I've seen it twice. My best friend from grade school's dad worked for Oscar Meyer. I saw it once then. Later, a guy I knew in college actually became one of the Wienermobile drivers later. Thus the second viewing.

  7. I've been inside the goldfishmobile. It does exist!

  8. Anonymous2:20 PM

    They are all real:

  9. I just saw the Weinermobile driving through the city I live in just last week...I live in Mid Mo. You probably don't care about that anymore, seeing as how this post was from years ago, but I felt the need to comment anyway :o) I have seen it a few times in my life.


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