Thursday, June 24, 2004

Things I Hate

Paige Davis- There is just something about her I didn't like from the moment I saw her. Maybe she is too cheerful for me or maybe she is just too Broadway. I just hate her and her gay (David Gest gay) husband. Alex Mcloud, where are yooouuuu?

Moving- Did I mention we are moving in 5 weeks and I have not packed one box yet? Plus I see all the money that is flying out of my pocket and I am sickened. That is perfectly good manicure and pedicure money!

The Man with One Working Arm that is the bagger at my grocery store. Really you made the guy with one good working arm a bagger? Why? Isn't there a better suited position for him within your company? Plus not only did it take him 10 minutes longer then if I was doing it myself, but he was staring at my cleavage the entire time. Now I have great cleavage, so you can't blame the guy but take one nice look and move on, man.

The DMV and their 41 points of ID you need to renew your drivers license. Um, I have my old picture drivers license, that should be enough considering I gave you 41 points of ID to GET THIS ONE! Now I have to dig out birth certificates, passports and other assorted shit for a renewal. It is just not right.

Where We Live- I miss my hometown and my friends and all of my family. Right now we live about 1.5 hours away. I miss NYC. I grew up 25 minutes outside of NYC and you really get used to having anything you want at your fingertips. Did I mention my hometown has 3 Macy's? Philly just isn't the same and cheese steaks are overrated anyway.


  1. Allow me to echo your disdain for Paige Davis, BMV, lack of pedicure funds, et. al. I'm pissed off at the world today too, as evidenced by today's entry on my journal. Maybe we can just take up bitchy residence together ... sigh ...

    Oh yeah. Man with one working arm? STOP LOOKING AT HER RACK. You are freaky, and you the chances of you touching them are akin to that of the PowerBall winner. Translated: freak, don't hold your breath.

    (I'm just flat out mean today. Blah.)

  2. I'm with you on Paige Davis. She skeeves me out. I never did find out why they got rid of Alex. I liked her. She rocked. Paige needs to calm the hell down.

    And as for home towns, I think we may have the same one (the strip club reference and Macy's thing made me wonder), although, I can't stand it. I'm there now and ready to get the hell out. Although, I will tell you I've been past the strip club several times and I think of your blog every time. Have you been past recently? The sign out in front even identifies it as Bada Bing.

    I can't stand this place, though. Everything I see reminds me why I was so quick to leave.

    Oh, and I'm with you DMV. They piss me off. I'm still carrying my license from three moves ago (which is a completely different state) because it hasn't yet expired and I'm just not up for that fiasco.

  3. forgive me for the joke, but...
    whatever jersey does to give people driver's licenses, isnt enough! worst drivers ever...although since you're not jersey born and bred, that doesnt really apply to you. just be careful not to catch the horrible-driving disease.
    and, HEY! philly cheesesteaks DEFINITELY are a big deal. like, better than ANYWHERE else, and those "Philly Cheesesteaks" you see on the menu places OTHER than Philly...taste nothing like the real thing! you dont know what youre missing!


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