Thursday, June 10, 2004


Well I am about 60% done. Still not good enough. Instead of actually getting off my ass I lay in bed debating which movie to watch on the flight tomorrow (100 first dates or Starsky & Hutch) watching the MTV movie awards.
Who is this Lindsay Lohan and where did she come from? She is all over her place. I don't care if her boobs are real or if her father assaulted her uncle. Does Anyone? She seems a trifle annoying. Judging from the opening she shouldn't fancy herself a dancer either. I can take her.
Shit, is that a real man underneath the podium? It is scaring the crap out of me. Maybe it is a robot. Who is noticing that?! E is not home & I am genuinely freaked out by that little person dressed like a troll. AAAHHHH!

I hope I will remember to watch Last Comic Standing while I am away. How friggin funny is Jim Norton?! I also have a love/hate thing with Jay Mohr, but he does really crack me up. Great show.

Seriously though, that troll is giving me the evil eye and I am not happy. Not happy at all.


  1. I just made the husband put the Movie Awards on 'cause now I'm intrigued and I want to see the troll. Of course they're at a commercial. I'll check back, though.

    And Lindsay Lohan is Disney's latest property. She was in the new version of the Parent Trap a few years back and she's done a bunch of crap for the Disney Channel. And then suddenly, she grew breasts, much like Britney. Maybe Disney has something in the water (like silicone). I've never paid all that much attention to her, but her breasts are getting a lot of coverage lately.

    Oh, and I'm with you on Last Comic Standing. I LOVE that show. I adore Jay Mohr and they had some great talent on there.

    I'm off to try to watch that troll.

  2. Her boobs are getting the coverage lately because she wears these plunging necklines, plus she had a little nipple slip at a premiere a few weeks ago. (I don't think she's associated with Disney anymore because they had a falling out - or was that Hillary Duff that had the falling out with Disney? Who cares, one and the same!)

    I had to put the movie awards on, too, to see this little troll. I think it is a real person dressed up. Freaky!


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