Friday, June 25, 2004

Mother In Law

My Mother-in-law is not such a bad person. She is nice and her heart is in the right place. It is hard to understand someone else's mother, you are just not used to some of the things she would say or do, how they celebrate holidays differently, how she would show affection to her children and grandchildren. It is just hard to assimilate into a family. At least in my case and I really do like her.
That being said, my In Laws are raging homophobics. I guess they are a product of their age and are uncomfortable about anything that they don't deem "normal". Now, they are from New Hampshire. Have you been to NH lately? Not much cultural diversity to say the least. But this insensitivity to an entire group of people that have no affect on my In laws lives at all, is just mind blowing to me.
First the insist on calling Ellen Degeneres "Helen Degenerate" which is part ignorance and part assholeness.
Secondly they are pissed that "they" (lesbians) have moved into their retirement village. Apparently the few that they have seen have filled their stereotypical ideas of what a lesbian looks like. Short hair, never wears a dress or skirts, wears Teva sandals (Please God ban them from the face of the Earth, they are just the most horrible shoes I could ever imagine. I had shutters just typing the word).
When I hear this shit, I want them to sit on my lap and read them a nice storybook about how gay people are just like everyone else, they come in different shapes and sizes, colors and religions. All the while patting them on the head and telling them that the world is a rainbow and peoples individuality makes the world go 'round.
::Sigh:: Needless to say my MIL has a short haircut, never wears makeup, wears Tevas (shutter) and never wears a skirt or dresses.
The irony is killing me.

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  1. So, your mil is a lesbian? Does she know??????
    I think people are just people. The only group of people I hate are those who CAN work but DON'T!
    You can't teach tolerance to the intolerant so don't hurt yourself trying! Just make sure your children know how to be accepting and tolerant of others. That's the best you can do.
    And yes, I have been to NH. We are headed there Sunday morning for my niece's birthday!!


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