Friday, June 18, 2004

Thank God I am Home

We made it home in one piece with no help from USA 3000 airlines, whom I will rant about later.
We had a great trip, wonderful weather and I fulfilled a life long dream of swimming with dolphins. Very cool. I even remembered to watch Last Comic Standing.
The babies were in their glory and had a wonderful time. We did have to spend time with my in-laws while we were in Florida (which should change their "motto" from the "Sunshine State" to "The place where most of the Tri-State area comes to die") and that almost killed me. I think they get more annoying each time we see them. Actually I know they get more annoying. Even E has had it with them. I am sure a rant will follow shortly about them and how I may one day shove a sharp stick through my ear drums in order to silence them forever.

There are a ton of ignorant people we encountered on our trip to the great Sunshine State. Florida is riddled with them, perhaps even more so then NJ. Nah.

I did miss my blog and I have lots to post but it will have to wait. I am too tired and I have an extraordinary amount of unpacking to do.


  1. Welcome back. Glad you had a good trip, but sorry the in-laws sucked. I can't wait to read your rant about it. Oh, and I adore your new state motto. Oh how true!

  2. Well you know they call Florida, "God's waiting room"!
    It is pitiful down there. Sorry the out-laws weren't fun!
    I got hooked on Last Comic Standing! I vowed never to watch reality tv after American Idol but....well....never say never!
    My blog is getting better. With a lot of help I got all my links hooked up. YIPPEE! I feel like a real person.
    Missed your funny writing while you were gone. You sound like someone I would love to sit and have coffee and a delicious cake with!
    Welcome home!


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