Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I have not specific to post about so I guess I will just ramble.
We are going to Florida this week and I am nervous about flying again with the babies. Now they are mobile and I fear they will want to run around the plane instead of be good babies & sleep. I am sure they will be fine. I have to believe that. I am ready to just be there already. We are going to swim with the dolphins while we are there which has been a HUGE dream for me my entire life. The place is in one of the Keys and my sister in law works there. I think it will be so much fun. Perhaps I will post pictures.
I still have a T shirt I wore to gym class in high school. I love it, but it has started to deteriorate. Sad. E hates it and begs me to throw it the hell out. I think I will take out the ol needle & thread & try to fix it up.
I am on that list not to get any more telemarketer calls but I still get them all the time. I wonder who I call to cure this problem. No MCI/great vacation package place/weichert mortgage company/newspaper I don't want any and when I yell "TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST" in your ear, I mean it.
I have to fold & put away endless amounts of laundry today & I am not in the mood.
Blah blah blah.

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  1. Speaking of telemarketers......last night we got a call from a super friendly guy. It went something like this, "Hi there Mrs.P. My name is Joe Schmo. How are you this fine evening?" "Good." I replied hesitantly. "Glad to hear it. So listen we are calling all Italians here tonight to ask you to come out and support Sam Spaghetti who is running for deputy sherrif. Would you be interested in attending a big Italian dinner feast this Friday to support this Italian candidate?" I wanted to yell, "I'M JEWISH!!! MY LAST NAME IS ITALIAN BUT MY HUSBAND IS MORE IRISH THAN HE IS ITALIAN AND I AM NOT ITALIAN AT ALL SO......NO FREAKIN WAY AND GET OFF MY DAMN PHONE!!!" I said, "No thank you" and left it at that. Sheesh. Some people!


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