Friday, June 25, 2004

I leap into 2002

I finally had time to figure out my links. See it there
------> ? I did that. I still have more links to add, but it was a great accomplishment for a Friday afternoon.
I have a friggin Bridal Shower to go to tomorrow, and I am positive I will have lots to post on that. I hate the obligatory mingling. I hate the polite oohs and ahhs over stupid towels. Men have it easy. You hear that men? I said you have it easy all you ha to do is go out with a bunch of friends, get drunk, hit some nudie bars (Satin Dolls is the official strip club of this here blog) hit on some chicks, maybe get the bachelor some sex and roll home. I'd say a typical Saturday night.

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  1. Do I need to tell you it is 2004 not 2002?? You really are behind the times, sweetie!!
    Ya, men sure do have it easy. Women have to buy every gosh darn thing for the wedding. Men rent everything but their underwear. When Rich told me he could rent freakin shoes with his tux I said, "What the hell is this a bowling alley?????" Apparently it was!!


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