Thursday, June 03, 2004


Baby A has entered a new phase. I think it is the terrible 2s, the problem is he is only 16 months old. He is overly sensitive to everything if his car falls, if his sister yells, if I tell him to be gentle-anything. He throws himself on the floor in a fit and now he is kicking.
At this moment I have been listening to him scream bloody murder in his crib for 52 minutes and I cannot take it anymore. I took him out to see if he would like a bottle (the only thing that calms him down) and he didn't want it & kicked & screamed in my arms. It is not his teeth because he has all of his baby teeth, he is not hungry, he is tired probably because he was up at 5 this morning!
I think Boys are harder then girls to raise when they are younger and vice versa as they get older. I have seen a book I am going to order today, "The sensitive child". Hopefully this book will unlock some ancient secret that will cure my poor child of this possession and bring back my sweet lovable baby.
H E L P!!!!!!!!!!!

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