Thursday, June 10, 2004


If British people use the word Holiday to mean vacation, then how would you decipher a holiday from a vacation? I am interested to find out.
Well, I am getting ready for our vacation tomorrow. I have about 25% packed. That is not a good statistic. I have to clear my TIVO of all shows in order to have enough recording room from the next 7 days of programming I am too embarrassed about watching in front of family & friends. Then I have to record all of my shows.
How can reruns of Sex and the City be on TBS? Is the show only going to be 15 minutes long, because I can't think of more then 15 minutes of this show being on regular cable TV. You will never see Samantha.
I am too tired to pack and get a family of 4 ready. Have I also mentioned that in 6 weeks we are moving into our first house and I have not ONE box packed? I can't think about that now or I will sink into a depression that will make the Grand Canyon look like a mole hole.
Off to make a list and check it twice.........


  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    I am so interested in seeing Sex in the City on TBS. I remember seeing Kim Catrall on a talk show and she was telling all the words they used instead of "those" other words. She did make the comment that she prob. wouldn't be seen a whole lot - heh. I am so envious of your vacation (or holiday if you will). I'm in desperate need of a holiday! - Charla ( )

  2. I don't know why a vacation is called a holiday. I have a friend from England, do you want me to ask her?
    Why do the English call the hood and trunk of a car the bonnet and the boot? Why anything? If I get an answer I promise to let you know.
    Enjoy your vacation!


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