Saturday, June 19, 2004

USA 3000 is spawned from the devil

Did someone just wake up one day and say "Hey, I wanna start my own airline and by gosh I am gonna do it today and I will call it USA 3000"? I hope that's all the thought that went into it because it did not look or run like any more thought then that was used.
Why God, Why can't anyone who works for this airline comprehend the notion that we are two adults flying and 2 infants, one of whom has a seat & the other is a lap child? We have flown before and this concept has not been over people's heads. After explaining it twice we finally just handed them the e-tickets/confirmations they sent after the tickets were purchased. Well, that mind-as-well have been hieroglyphics to them. HEY ASS, IT IS YOUR CONFIRMATION FROM YOUR COMPANY, THE ONES YOU LOOK AT ALL DAY. WHY DON'T YOU KNOW HOW TO READ IT AND UNDERSTAND IT FULLY? We buy 3 tickets so we can all sit together in one row and one baby can be in a car seat and one can trade off in our laps. It happens all the time on flights. I just wanted to jump on the counter grab the guy by the collar and scream in his face about how absolutely stupid he is, all the time spitting in his eyes.
A light bulb finally went off in the mothball's head and we were given our boarding passes, although we had to explain to about 6 other people our seating arrangementby the time we were seated on the plane.
Let me ask you this, because I am painfully aware some of the people reading this are guilty of the same. WHY as soon as we take off do you need to go to the bathroom? Wasn't that you sitting in the terminal waiting for 45 minutes to board this plane? Did you not have the time to go before you boarded? Did the first 3 minutes of this flight send your bladder into spasms? Do you just like being squeezed into a broom closet size space with a million germs? SIT BACK DOWN & HOLD IT IN LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. I hate the friggin dork parade of passengers shimming down the tight-rope-like aisle only to hold up the drink portion of our flight. I am dying of thirst, for the love of god stay seated!
It is not like this is a long flight, we are talking a little over 2 hours here people. In that 2 hours I had seen at least 20 people do the walk of shame. It bothers me to no end.

The moral of this rant is: do not use USA 3000 if you like knowledgeable people running & flying the giant metal cylander you are in through space and time and if you like having more then 2 inches of leg room.


  1. OH NO! What a horrible experience. Basic concepts are so hard to grasp sometimes. Ya gotta love morons.
    I always complain about the people who come in our office for eye exams...they check in and go pee. So there we are calling their name over and over and answer. We call in the next person. Then the pee person comes storming over and says, "I was here BEFORE that person. Why wasn't I taken in?" Wear DEPENDS if you have bladder issues! I am tired of this nonsense!!

  2. I have yet to hear of this USA 3000 airline. And if/when I do, I will refuse to fly them. And we all know that I adore cheap travel, as I worship at the altar of SWA. But it sounds like these folks are a special kind of stupid. LOL

  3. Anonymous2:05 PM

    USA 3000, in many cases, doesn't use their own people for check-in at the counter. They're usually from Delta or some other carrier, working under contract.

    Maybe you should consider your child's safety. Lap children WILL NOT STAY IN YOUR LAP in the event of a sudden stop or severe turbulence. Try as you might, you will not be able to hold him/her in a 90G decelration. The child will become a little projectile screaming for you as they plaster the seat in front of them or the overhead bin and die a horrible and needless death. That's a big price for squeezing that last few dollars out of your vacation.

    Grow up and pay for the extra seat. So you'll have to sit behind your spouse and other child. Small price to pay for your child's life.


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