Monday, June 07, 2004

Things I am Sick of Hearing About:

1) J. Ho and her marriages/divorces/engagements. Something is wrong with this chick.

2) Atkins diets and carbs. Don't eat fruit? It goes against everything I have been taught. Hello, food pyramid anyone?

3) Empire Carpet commercials.

4) The Cicadas

5) The Lord of the rings movies

6) My neighbors marriage problems and his failure to find a job. They feel the need to talk ever so loudly on the phone or to each other about all their problems (and there are MANY) on their deck. Shut the hell up my kids are trying to nap. Oh, and by the way there is no way your youngest child is yours. Oh yeah, also your oldest son has been seen rolling doobies (is this still a "hip" term? I would love to be hip) on the deck and smoking joints out his window.

7)O.J. Why are we giving this murderer any more attention?

8) Smarty Jones

1 comment:

  1. J Ho shouldn't be allowed to marry again. What the hell? Marc Anthony got divorced YESTERDAY!! Is this normal???? I give this marriage 2 months!

    I am grossed out by the RECIPES for cicadas. As if cooking them in freakin' garlic and butter will take away from the fact that they are roaches!!!!! Crunch crunch crunch!! MMMMM....delicious!

    OJ? Hasn't anyone killed this guy yet? What the hell are they waiting for?

    Lord of the Rings??? Is this about a jeweler? Can't say I ever saw it!

    I must defend a low carb diet but Atkins is too low carb for me. It is unrealistic to never eat fruit or lots of veggies. I love summer fruit.! It's still better than , "Kent's , Kent's carpet land! Kent's, Kent's carpet land!"
    Ya gotta pick and choose your battles!


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