Wednesday, June 09, 2004

My Hatred for Zyrtec

The pollen and crap in the air here in Jersey is so bad this year that my beloved Clarinex is defenseless against it. I had a sample of Zyrtec and decided to give it a try. I hate you Zyrtec! I have been up all night!!! No sleep. None, zip. It is currently 5:13 and I can feel the bags under my eyes but I can't sleep. I thought this shit was supposed to make you tired. That is what claritan, clarinex and allegra do. That is what the zyrtec thingy says is a side effect.
I am lying in bed trying too think of boring things to help me fall asleep, then I re-adjust the pillows a billion times (pausing to contemplate smothering myself with them), toss & turn, turn on the TV, turn off the TV and then I get mad. I get myself so mad that I am almost in tears. I know how I will feel in the morning, I know what a zombie I will be all day, I remember that E has a 4pm meeting today and won't be home until late, so the twins & I are fending for ourselves.
I hate that I get mad at myself for not being able to fall asleep but it happens every time. I usually wake E up to tell him I can't sleep and that I am mad. He usually mutters something & falls right back into his dream filled slumber. Bastard.
Well I guess I will go back to bed & try again. I will usually falls into a nice deep sleep around 6:30 only to be jarred out of my sleep by infants who, from the time they were born, don't care if you ever sleep again.

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  1. heh, I take zyrtec and its the clarinex that keeps me up.


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