Monday, June 21, 2004

New Things

While I was in Florida my sweet husband bought me an Orange Julius drink. I have heard of this drink many times, but never came across one. Well, it is delicious, it tastes like a creamsicle. Yum.
I also tried Jamba Juice. I LOVED it. I wish there was one by me because I would be protein-shaking-it all day long. That is right a l l d a y l o n g.
On tuesday night we had take out from Baja Fresh. I heard about this restaurant from my friends in Cali who claim that many a star is sighted there on every day of the week. I found out that they have a chain in Philly and that is where E works. Well he will be picking up some Mexican something fierce now that I am armed with this knowledge.
We also picked up a delicious key lime pie while we were in the Keys visiting my sister-in-law and swimming with dolphins. Those are the best.

Did you notice all the "new things" I tried during this 8 day period were all foods? Curves here I come!


  1. Do you like Curves? I went for a year, but got pretty bored with it. I *heart* Jamba Juice, not so much with Orange Julius. Glad you're back to the bloggy world, and v. glad you had a great vacation (minus the "out-laws")

  2. I have never been to curves but I will try it out. My butt is expanding at a rapid pace.
    Thanks for the welcome back!

  3. Welcome back! I would love to travel with you.Rich wouldn't try a new food if his life depended on it. His food is plain, plain,plain. He may add salt if absolutely necessary but other than that it's PLAIN.
    I never tried Orange Julius although we used to have a few of them around. Now I never see them.
    Friendly's has an orange vanilla ice cream that tastes like a creamsicle. YUM!

  4. OOOH, you have gotta try Robek's. I could live on the Big Wednesday with a Trim*Bek booster. Do you have one close to you?

  5. I just heard about this Robek's yesterday. I know there is one in my hometown now, but I will have to check them out & see if there is one close by.

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  7. Hi there!
    I LOVE Orange Julius!! I used to live in S. Florida where I would get one all the time. I now live in N. FLorida,and haven't seen any here.
    I would love to hear from you....take care.

  8. What is Jamba Juice??

  9. A yummy smoothy place


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