Wednesday, June 09, 2004


I miss the show already! It is my all time favorite and I have been watching since day one. I was think about how they are going to torture us for another 15 months until we can get our weekly fix.
I have been in Bada Bing strip club many times. All before it was the "Bada Bing" in the Sopranos. Its real name is Satin Dolls and that really is the club interior. Also one of the dancers there is a dancer in the show, the others are "actresses". The girls don't even have a dressing room there, they just use the women's room, since there are not that many women patrons. The last time we were there (me & 3 friends) we went to use the facilities and there were clothes, G strings, makeup and MONEY everywhere! Wads and wads of singles just strewn about the room. (Apparently being a stripper in NJ is more lucrative then I had thought! Now where is my rhinstone G-String..........)
As we were finishing up a stripper came in & proceeded to talk to as she changed. All the while I am thinking "this chick is nude and talking to me and it doesn't seem to bother her in the least." But I guess, she is a stripper. Nudity is the least of her worries. She should be worrying about me stealing fistfuls of singles.
Anywhoo, it is a nice place as far as strip clubs go, and it is always packed.
Mr. Chase if you are reading this can you get your hiney in gear and start writing some shit so we don't have to wait until 2007 to watch your nice show? Thanks!


  1. Wait wait wait. Is that Satin Dolls the same one on Rt. 17? I'm not a fan of the Sopranos and have never actually seen a full episode, so I don't know. I've also never been inside that place, so I wouldn't recognize the interior anyway.

  2. Yup D.Q., the one and only. On Rt 17 S.

  3. Okay, then that's just cool. You really do learn something new every day.


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