Sunday, June 06, 2004

Somebody Call Access Hollywood

Hey everyone, guess what? I have twins! You didn't know that? Why, wasn't on Access Hollywood, ET or Extra right after the 800 billion "Julia Roberts is having twins" stories?
HEY WORLD I have twins too, and I wonder why it isn't headline news. I had twins naturally (although that doesn't make me any more of a mother of twins) and no twins run in my family. See, I wonder why I am not more newsworthy because I had twins and raised them these past 16 months without the help of a cook, nanny, nurse, maid, personal trainer or a couple of hundred million in the bank. I brought them home to a new house 1.5 hours away from all of my family & friends, so that means E & I did it alone. Was it hard? Hell yes, but rewarding.
Next time People or US magazine need a great story they should interview a single mother of twins or a family making $40k a year with multiples. I am already sick of hearing about Julia and the husband she "stole" ala Jerry Seinfeld.

Well, enough with this rant, I am off to read my People or Us about important things, like if Jennifer Lopez is getting married again.


  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Girl, put your code up and I will add you to the Crazy/Hip Blog certainly qualify!!

    Not only that, but you've got a new reader too!! I love your blog!!

    Gypsy Girl (

  2. Anonymous7:24 PM

    I have been at work for the past 14 hours so I am totally perplexed by what you are ranting about. Who had twins? Julia Roberts? When? Where the hell was I?
    I didn't know YOU had twins. I have only been reading your blog for a week but I didn't think I was completely clueless. Huh? What?

    It's like when Oprah went on her diet but she had a personal chef cooking all her meals. I could be a hottie if I had someone whipping up all my damn meals.
    I am too exhausted to even bitch anymore.



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