Wednesday, June 02, 2004

It must be that time of month

We are approaching my time of the month. Of course I would know it was coming right? I must mark it on my calendar or be a very regular person, right? Well the answer is no. I know that I am getting my period because I just cried at a Sylvan Learning Center commercial. You know the one, a teenage boy surprises his mother with a terrific report card for her birthday. Not only was it totally corny commercial, but I was crying because one day my kids might give me their straight A report card for my birthday. And I will be mad. Hey get straight A's on your time, where is my real present?!? You are required to do well in school. I am required to get a good gift for my birthday so cough it up.

I heard Vince Neil is getting a makeover ala The Swan. A makeover, therapy, plastic surgery-the works. Hysterical.


  1. That damn commercial gets me every time.

  2. I do the same!! I understand ya there. Or that commercial thats for the lottery.. and it shows these shoes.. then it shows someone like scratching it. and a little pair of pink shoes are underneath... and it says "Lotto helps find people who are missing" or something... lol anyways I always cry. im a sap. ;)

  3. Oh my god, I'm am like peeing my pants here!!! Your hysterical :) Those damn Sylvan commercials! I would totally cry if my kid gave me a report card instead of a gift, I mean come one, the dude didn't even put a bow on the card!!! Okay, I'm off to bookmark ya, and add ya to my reads :)

  4. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Who DOESN'T cry at the Sylvan commercial? Are there really people who watch it as if it were a tampon commercial? Emotionless? I can't believe it!

    Speaking of commercials, can I just say I HATE, yes HATE the commercial for Kerasol(?) rough foot cream. There is a HUGE breasted woman in a tight shirt sitting on the couch with her husband who says, "She never used to let me touch them." If they don't want us to think he means her huge melons then she should be a flat-chested woman in a loose fitting shirt, right? Right??? Well aren't I right? You know I am.


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