Thursday, July 01, 2004

Don't Do It

I am glad I didn't settle. My husband is great and I am glad I didn't think that I needed to date or sleep with more people before we decided to get serious. I was young when we met- 21, and I was 22 when I finally gave in and started dating him. Three weeks later I told my mother that I knew I was going to marry him some day and I did, 4 years later.
Believe me I had my share of scary guys. There was the guy who swore he was Ace Ventura, the one that made me love him but he was still in love with his first love and the creepy, needy guy that couldn't let me pee alone.
I once broke up with a guy because of his hands. I knew I could never marry those hands. So I broke up with him, because why prolong the inevitable? Plus the second time I ever saw him he showed up at my house with heart balloons and an I LOVE YOU shirt wearing teddy bear. Whoa there cowboy, we just met, back that I LOVE YOU shit right up. Maybe that flies in Staten Island on a second date but not NJ sir.

I needed to marry someone who will buy me a "I'm Rick James, Bitch" Tshirt (which I got yesterday, thankyouverymuch) someone who loves to laugh in bed, who puts up with me watching 90210 on Saturday & Sunday mornings for 8 years. Someone who would remember I love Tuna on a plain bagel, who talks about boring pharmaceuticals so I can fall asleep sometimes and someone who puts up with all my shit.
Really I was just looking for someone with hands I could marry.


  1. OMG I had a scary guy like the I love you balloons guy. We met on a Saturday night at a Jewish singles dance. The next morning at 8am a group of us who just met the night before went to the beach together. While we were walking on the beach he said he had spoken to his sister in Canada and told her all about me. We left the dance the night before at 1am and then we met 7 hours later!!!!!! WHEN THE HELL DID HE CALL HIS DAMN SISTER????? Then he told me he had our childrens' names picked out!!!!!! We hadn't even KISSED yet and he had our childrens' names picked out?????? Ya well that was our last date!! Freakin weirdo!!!!!!!!

  2. Very sweet, I'm glad it's working out. Thanks for adding me your links! xx

  3. Beautiful entry, very simply stated yet poignant. I like the 90210 reference. Nice. Still married?


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