Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Pulling my Hair Out

I am humbled by this experience. E is away on business and I am left to fend for myself with 2 18 month olds, a dog and 2 cats in this half furnished apartment which is riddled with boxes, tape and other moving accessories.
I had a small breakdown today. I cried when I was asked the 893 "what's dat" at 11am. I cried when they had a small fight.   I can't do it all and I feel like a bad mother because of it. 

I give so much credit to single mothers. I really can't fathom waking up every day & knowing you have to do it all.  Mothers like the Drama Queen who was a single mother ( to twins mind you) while waiting for her husband to come home from Iraq.  I would have withered away and died after 2 weeks.  But she did it,well I might add, and countless other mothers do it every day.  My hat is off to them.

Now I am off to feed my children, and try to get them to go to sleep so I can get some myself. 




  1. Oh, Sweetie, you'll make it. Screw the one day at a time thing. With two toddlers, you have to take it one minute at a time. It will pass, though and then you can let the hubby watch them while you take a nap.

  2. Tuesday Girl,

    The first time my wife left me with our boy by myself was September 9th of 2001. She flew to Chicago and was to come back on the 12th. I didn't see her again until the 18th. What made matters worse was having to spend the night of the 10th in the emergency room because my son cut his head open against the coffee table while learning to walk.

    Being a suddenly-single parent in situations like this is far harder on your wits than being a full time single parent. The fact that your are stressing means that you care, and that you are a good parent.

  3. Single mothers can do it without blinking an eye because they know they HAVE to and that no one is there to back them up.

    If you had to do it very long you'd be as good at it as they are.

  4. KRush is right. When you're a single momma, you do what ya gotta do. You draw your energy from someplace because you have to, you have no choice.


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