Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have like 18 more teeth in their mouth then the average person? This is so distracting to me. I noticed Lacey Chabert and Jennifer Love Hewitt have it. I can't even concentrate on their horrible acting, I am staring at their mouths.
I guess having too many teeth is better then having too little.

I have to go to the dentist, I have cavities. I have only had 1 in my entire life and now I am riddled with them. I think the babies drained me of calcium during their incubation.
My old dentist was caught touching people while they were under sedation. What a freak! My mom still goes to him because "he is nice, I feel bad for him." Oh great Mom, people can be molesters and cheaters and liars but if they are nice they are good people to you! My Mom is too church lady sometimes. My grandmother still goes to this dentist as well. She claims a little feel here & there would be the most excitement she has had in years. This lady cracks me up.

My new dentist is a born again Christian. She only plays horrible Christian music and the videos for the kids are of Moses and other holy tales. Very strange.
Plus they make me pay before I get my work done & then they bill my insurance company. I told them I have insurance so I don't have to pay.
Under sedation they probably whisper in your ear that your teeth are rotting because you don't have the lord in your life.


  1. Ever seen "The Secret Lives of Dentists"? Very depressing, but good movie.

    The worst -too many teeth- person is Julia Roberts. I know people love her, but she drives me nuts. Especially when she is laughing and reveals her 48 teeth. I like slightly crooked teeth, like Patricia Arquette or Kirsten Dunst have. Sexy.

  2. Ummmmh. Okay. Dentist abusing sedation? Yeah, I watched that Lifetime movie this past weekend. The movie was called "I woke up pregnant." Those geniuses over at Lifetime really out did themselves on that one.

    More importantly: Is the dentist hot?

    Okay that's not the point... but still, is he hot?

  3. The dentist looked like Andre Agassi. If you like that then he is hot, if he is not your type then he is a pervert.
    I hope I wore clean panties that day!

  4. Hey man. Nitrous oxide AND getting felt up?

    Sounds like a win-win situation for all involved.

  5. There is no doctor/dentist that would make you pay upfront. That's what insurance is for. I would switch if I were you. Something is NOT right!!


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