Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Today Baby A & Baby B had a photo shoot for Parents magazine. So, I hauled my cookies into NYC. It was for the Halloween issue and they didn't do well. They hated their costumes. They were hot long sleeved king and queen costumes and then they wanted them to wear hats and have a velvet blanket on their legs. They were not having it. Hey,turn on the AC full blast if you want my kids to wear all of that! We will see if they got any shots for the magazine.
There was another set of B/G twins there for the same costume. They weren't that happy either. The mother was a typical set mom though. She was at me with a million questions as soon as she walked in. How old are they? Are they for the same shoot? How long have they been in the biz? Who is representing us? I hate that BS. I did modeling and I was even in a Oreo cookie commercial (gasp) when I was a teenager. But I hated the fakeness of everyone.
When I told this woman that we didn't have an agent and that we were here for a one time thing and if they wanted to do it when they were older for college money I would let them, she got a nasty smirk on her face. Like my kids aren't good enough for representation. Please.
Anyhow my kids blew her kids out of the water. Not that it is a competition, but that is really how these mothers make it.
So, if the babies make it into the mag I will alert you.


  1. That's cool! Ya definitely keep us posted about that.

    My sister who is very beautiful had toyed with the modeling idea when she was in high school. She had the whole portfolio thing done and then she went on an interview for a job. They told her she needed her nose fixed first and then they would consider her for a job. Thank goodness she had enough self esteem to laugh at them and walk out. She couldn't do that petty thing. People aren't perfect and models should represent PEOPLE!
    I just think kids/adults should model if it's their choice and if it's fun! That's all!

  2. Oh that's so cool! Keep me posted, I'd love to see it when it comes out.

  3. Wow! You have twins? And they're MODELS?? I am so freaking impressed!!!


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