Monday, July 19, 2004

Men Rule the World

Men rule the world. How do I know this? 
Bra prices, my friends.
If men wore bras they wouldn't be $34.99 a pop. 


  1. I totally agree!! How much does a jock strap go for? I bet it's not $35, right? A bra holds 2 orbs and a jock stap holds 2 orbs so they should be the same price. Well actually the jock strap holds more than that so it should be more expensive!! Freakin' men!!!!

  2. Totally! And I can never find cheap ones that fit so I always spend a buddle on bras!

  3. It's not our fault you women shirk your responsibility for leadership. There are more women in the US than men, but you all seem content to let men take lead (and just WTF were women who voted for Bush thinking!?!) and then bitch at us when things don't go your way.

    If you want cheaper bras and other things then step up to the plate and take on some responsibility. I thin history has proven that we men continually fuck things up.


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