Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Very Amusing Names

This is a list of very amusing names of real life people I have met and/or worked with:
Connie Leg
Joan Foot  (no relation)
Carl Hussy
Dick Catheter *
George Melondick
Joanne Cuntz (insisted it was pronounced coonz.......sure)
Tony Rotunda (very large man)
* My all time favorite



  1. I saw a Mark Peyniss mailbox the other day. I guess it's better than being name Peyniss Mark.

  2. I work for a man named Dick Low.

  3. A friend had a patient named "Ima Dick." I went to school with Rayme Do (pronounced "dough"). When substitute teachers read her name backwards, it was "Do Rayme". Her brother's name was Young: Young Do. Those poor kids.

    My niece knows someone named Sweden Britanica. Those are her first and middle names.

    What are people thinking?


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