Friday, July 16, 2004

Open letter to poorly run pharmaceutical company

Dear Corporate Mother Fuckers,

Thanks, for telling us, two weeks before we close on our first house, that there will be massive layoffs because of your shitty drugs that are causing problems for some fuckers in Europe. Thanks for easing everyone's mind by telling them they won't know whom or when for 4-12 weeks but please be loyal to your company. Fuck you. People have families, bills, mortgages and other responsibilities they can't and won't wait around until you losers, who can't come out with any new drugs until 2006, decide who still has a job.

BTW, we all know you and all the "Big 10" pharmaceutical companies buy prescriptions from doctors. That is until the federal government found out and gave you all a slap on the wrist. And doctors, we all know you prescribe the drug that benefits you most, monetarily, not the one that is best for the patient. Money hungry cocksuckers.

Now, E has worked for your company for 4 years & 4 months, he is 8 months from being fully vested with your crappy company. He will not go anywhere until then. He now will be scared, angry and a nervous wreck until you get off your asses and decide who can stay & sell your awful drugs.

For spite I will be asking all my doctors to prescribe your competitors drugs whether I need them or not.

I hate you and by association, I hate Lance Armstrong*.

With Malice and Bad Intent,
Tuesday Girl

* What the hell is with this guy? He faces death, lives and then leaves his wife & kids for Sheryl Crow? What a dick.


  1. The threat of lay offs have been looming around my place of employment for the past 2 years. June 1st, we all got a slap in the face from the company who we retail our programming from. We have all sat waiting for news since then on, on what our fates will be. It sucks. Nothing fun about it.

    I am sorry that you are going through this too!

  2. 4 1/2 years ago Rich worked for a great company that decided to declare bankruptcy. The young millionaire(YM) owner of the company wanted to sell it to the Dutch based company that also owns Stop & Shop. YM was asking for 12 million dollars. Dutch company agreed to pay 11 million. YM said no way...must be 12! They wouldn't pay. YM declared bankruptcy and went to start up another business for fun. He employed 200 people and didn't give a shit about one single person. Rich hasn't had a decent job since then. He was making good money there and the company paid all our medical and dental benefits. We have been struggling ever since.
    I still hate them!!!!!


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