Monday, July 05, 2004

What I did on my 4th of July Vacation

I packed boxes! Yay me! There is officially 7 nice sized boxes packed right now. Not bad. We also bought a pedestal sink, hardware for the sink, marble flooring and paint supplies for the new house. We decided on carpets, bedroom set and kitchen tables but didn't buy them yet. Also purchased were a variety of plants and flowers for the yard. I also bought some T shirts for myself and clothes for the babies. Not a bad weekend huh? I got some stuff done & at least I feel like I have accomplished something.
Now I have to find someone to put down the carpet & wood flooring at a reasonable price. Easier said then done.

On Thursday under the cover of darkness, we are heading up to New Hampshire for a family reunion of sorts. E's family is from NH and they usually have some sort of reunion every 2 years. It is poor timing but we have to go. Believe me I tried to get out of it.

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