Thursday, July 22, 2004


I am exhausted again today.  I am going to start my Tylenol pm habit again tonight.  I heart Tylenol pm.
My sister got married yesterday. She wanted something small and quiet so we went to the courthouse.  I have never been to a court house wedding and it was interesting, short, exciting, strangers clapping for you.  After we took them out to dinner and all the kids were great. That's really all you can ask when you go out to a nice restaurant with kids.

I still have SO much packing to do, we are closing on our house in 8 days and, suprisingly, we are way behind. Plus I just found out E has to go on a business trip next M-W, which is great timing.

Baby B had roseola the other day. She had a very alarming high fever (102) and when I called the doctors office I was told just to make sure she has no other symptoms (she didn't) and keep her hydrated. I asked at what point should I be concerned about her temperature, and I was told 105.
What?!! If her temp went up one more tenth of a point I was taking her to the emergency room. 105, are you crazy?
She is much better now though, and we are now praying Baby A doesn't get it.


  1. My daughter has had that too. It is just one of those "wonderful" things they are supposed to get before they are 3. There are like 17 things they are supposed to get!

  2. Yes, babies are more tolerant of higher body temperatures. The first time Miss M had a 101 fever I freaked out, only to find out it is like a 99.0 for us.

    Miss M had roseola, RSV, croup, conjunctivitis and a few ear infections, all within 2 months of each other, last winter. That sucked! Poor little thing. But the upside to all of it was, she is building her immune system, so chances are she won't get half of the stuff this winter.

  3. I swear, you and I lead parallel lives. I have been eating any analgesic ending in PM for the last four days. It's not even a full moon.


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