Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Boys Gone Wild

I hear there is now a Boys Gone Wild tape for sale.  What the makers obviously don't understand is that this tape won't sell.  Woman can see a guys penis whenever they want.  Women don't really care to see random guy's privates either.  I could run outside now & see some if I wanted to.

that's why I don't get male strip clubs either.  Seeing some over pumped, dumb, guido guy with his junk in a thong, grinding his gross, sweaty body on me is not my idea of a good time.  The women I see in these clubs that are really into it, are older and maybe a little desperate. 
 I usually have to feed them singles to go away, once you pay them they leave you alone for a minute or two.  And FYI, male strippers, if I wanted a kiss I will ask for one, please do not pour your sweaty face onto mine and think you are rocking my world. 

Now as for men, I can understand why they would buy a girls gone wild or go to a strip club, women's bodies are beautiful, men's................Not so much.
Not that I don't love men, and their bodies, I really do, but paying to see it?  Not for me.

Maybe this tape is marketed for the gay man.  In any event, not the best idea.



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