Friday, July 23, 2004

A Funny

Baby A loves cars and trucks. We taught him to say car a few months ago, but he would refer to trucks as cars also.  About 2 weeks ago he started saying truck.  Very good, right? well now he has merged the two words and every time he sees a truck he yells "cock"
Fairly amusing for the first day or so.
Not so funny in fancy restaurants.


  1. Wait till one of them drops the f bomb. Princess did that a few weeks ago, and R called me to bitch me out about it. I just got silent and he goes "yeah? what?" and I just said ... "OK, I'll take the heat for that one. But any other profanity does NOT come from me, as I prefer just to say fuck and be done with it.

    He was not amused.

  2. even more perfect if it was a daughter.

  3. in an irony kind of way

  4. How about when your daughter, in a very crowded public place, reaches up and grabs your penis through your shorts and yells, "This is my daddy's pecker!"

  5. I know many toddlers tend to pronounce truck as "fuck," so hey, maybe "cock" is the lesser of two evils. Then again, maybe not.

    My niece kept saying, "Shit," the other day. At the mall, she said it while pointing to a picture. A passerby shot her a bothered look. Then it all clicked and S1 said loudly, "Yes, that woman in the picture is wearing a SHIRT." he he he

    My kids learned "vulva" around 18 months and from then on, loudly announced to everyone that they had vulvas. Now they loudly announce that their daddy has a penis. Oh boy!

  6. Luckily, I do not have a penis. Although I like them, I do not wish to have one attached to my body.


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