Thursday, July 08, 2004


So now Verizon has a limit to haw many 411 calls you can make? Why? They give you a max of 4 a month & after that it is .99. Bastards! Evil bastards.
Is anything free anymore? Is anything "included" without some hidden fee?
Fuck you Verizon, as soon as you set up my line in my new house, I am switching to IDT. So shove that up James Earl Jones fat ass. I hate his ugly mug on my TV for the commercials. And you are not fooling anyone, I know that man can't dance.
I am going to have to get DirectTV again. I enjoy my 294 channels but their customer service is horrible. The reps are absolutely the worst I have ever come across. Cable & satellite are all the same with their exorbitant fees and shitty hidden costs. Lets just say I better get my TV no matter what the weather is like short of a tornado, and if I don't I will be shoving the pole connecting their faulty equipment up someone's ass.
Maybe James Earl Jones.


  1. I didn't know that verizon did that! I will have to be careful on mine. New to your site and you are quite funny! I can not wait to read more :)

  2. tuesday girl. i can see your frustrated. please do me a favor. when your significant other gets home tonight. let all the aggression out. tie him up or some shit like that.

    good talk. see you out there.


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