Tuesday, July 13, 2004


What secret urge do you get but never act on?


  1. I have the urge everyday, literally, to rip the head off this coworker of mine who insists on:

    1) burping out loud,
    2) yawning at length during meetings,
    3) leaving his cell phone on high all day while receiving upwards of 15 to 20 calls,
    4) sneezing like a fog horn,
    5) incessantly clicking his pen during meetings, and
    6) thinking that a loud “excuse me” exonerates him from all guilt of these actions.

    Once after burping very loudly while sitting next to me he placed his coke down, rubbed his chest, and said "soda makes me gassy."

    Confusion... Pardon my boldness but isn't that the inherant nature of a *gasp* carbonted beverage?!?!?!?

    I didn't say that but I wanted to. idiot.

  2. Interesting question... er...

    Ok, my Wife has a friend who's a bit older than us. She's been married to the same guy forever and they have three kids and, he's the only man she's ever had sex with. He's not the best husband for her and has a pecular sex addiction that causes him to expose his penis to other people in Adult book stores (of course, I hear this and think he's off giving and gettign BJs but I don't let this on to the ladies). So, her life isn't perfect, but hey, who's is right?

    Anyway, my wife has aparently bragged about my size to her friend and on occasions when we go out drinking her friend enjoys ribbing me about it. Then one night, I showed her a photo of it, and since then she's made it pretty clear that she is tempted. My secret urge is to take her to a hotel and have sex for a few hours with her. Any time we're out drinking and she's getting flirty I think about this. My wife would get all pissed off about this as she's bi and likes her frined a lot, but her friend is one of these folks who buys into the idea that God hates people who are not on the straight and narrow.

    Still, there have been times that the two of us have teased the hell out of each other and I would love the have the opportunity to be her second.

  3. I get the urge to scream like crazy at the in-laws and to beat the hell out of certain family members of mine.

    I would love to buy a stun gun and zap people every time they said/did something stupid.

  4. I pretty much do whatever I feel like.

  5. there is a certain family member of mine that i would give my left eye to tell off.

    she insists on controling everyones lives through little snide comments or through these secret things she does. like reorganizing your things "for you". good luck finding things after she walks away, and heaven forbid you ask her not to do it.

    sounds pety but trust me, 4 years of it, you'll wish to take her apart too.

  6. My question would be:

    where are you tuesday girl? long time no post.


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