Thursday, July 01, 2004

My List

So H wrote a post on her blog (If I could link it I would, I am a computer loser what do you want?) it is over there ----> (notsodirtylaundry) and it was as if she was reading my mind because I was just thinking about my list recently. So I thought I would rip her off and make a list of my own:
LL Cool J- just the way he licks his lips drives me crazy
Antonio Sabado Jr.
Ricky Martin- Post Menudo, obviously.
Pat Riley- in that older man sort of way
Colin Farrell
Eddie Vedder
Johnny Depp
Diane Lane
Gwen Stefani
And maybe H- because it seems we have the same taste


  1. i would say
    Johnny depp
    heath ledger
    chris tucker
    hugh dancy
    chris rock (he my not be much to look at but the man is hilarious)
    and some others that i can't think of right this second

  2. OOH I'm flattered! I'm a lust object, whoo hoo!

    Diane Lane is HOT. That woman's legs just don't quit, do they? And Beyonce is booty-licious, agreed.

  3. a few ladies to add:
    penelope cruz
    the olsen twins (now legal)
    anna kournikova

    and for the site

    i appreciate the creative comments, and believe me.....monkeys are on their way.....muhahahahahahha


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