Friday, July 16, 2004

Fashion Don'ts

Have I been away too long? Have things come into fashion while I have been away laying on beaches and soaking up the sun? I think not.
Who are these two freaks on Big Brother that cut up their T-shirts and wear them on their heads? They found not one, but two of them to live in this house? They have to stop it because that went out with Gerardo. (you know the Rico Suave guy)

Ashlee Simpson is rocking the female mullet and it has to be stopped.

Did anyone see the Anna Nicole impersonator on MTV true life last night? I didn't think she looked like her at all. Is there really a demand for an Anna Nicole impersonator?

Why does Julie Chen have the body of an ant?

Next thing you know having too many teeth is going to be cool.

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  1. I agree with those guys from big brother- total dorks! And what is up with calling them "The Four Horsemen"??


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