Monday, July 12, 2004


Who can sleep soundly in a hotel? Not me my friends. All I can think about all night is all of those dateline and 20/20 reports about hotel cleanliness. All of the blacklight footage of semen & urine stains were running through my head. I didn't want the babies touching a n y t h i n g.
So gross. It wasn't a shitty $39.99 motel either it was an average $120 a night hotel.
I hate you Comfort Inn!

I went into a pet store today & I held a puppy. I wanted her so badly! She was a teeny tiny miniature pincher and I wanted to just kiss her to death. I can't buy a dog though, we are huge believers that there are too many lovely pets out there on death row ready for a good home. We already have a dog and 2 cats (all rescued) and what am I Dr. Doolittle?!? I wanted her though, I was smitten.


  1. Oh, I so understand falling in love with the animals at the pet store. All my pets are rescues, but still, those things are so freaking cute.

    I'm also with you on hotels. I absolutely refuse to touch the top sheet except the two finger tips necessary to pull it the hell back. Sheets are washed regularly, but comforters are only done once in a blue moon.

    One of those news shows had a segment on hotels last week. In 17 out of 20 hotel rooms (from cheap to 5 star), they found urine and/or semen ON THE WALLS. WTF? Plus they also found it on all sorts of surfaces like the headboard, the table, the chairs, even the freaking BIBLE. Oh, skeeve me out why don't you? Yuck. So you're not alone in being grossed out by hotel rooms.

  2. On the friggin bible?! How gross. I am so glad I brought shower slippers.


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