Friday, July 30, 2004

I Hate Thinking Up Titles

Hmmmm what to do today, what to do? I know, I think I will buy myself a house. 
Today is the day. I am savoring my last minutes of freedom from massive debt.  $256,000 to be exact. That is what our house costs minus the downpayment. That is real debt folks, debt like I have never seen.  It is very real and very scary.  I guess everyone does it right?

Does anyone else think that Gary Goldman from Last Comic Standing is HOT?  Wow, he is really hot.
I would like to be on him.  The other guy is very cute too, John Heffron.

I will be Tivoing (is this a word?) the Amish show tonight.  Can't wait.

I have gotten to the point where I am an addict. My Tylenol PMs are not affecting me like they used to. I may have to move onto harder things like Ambien or ecstasy (hey, if I am going to be up I mind as well be having fun, right?).  If you hear of someone walking the street of Jersey half clothed, in the middle of the night with glow sticks, that would be me. 

Off to sign my life away........wish me luck.



  1. That is so awesome! Congrats! Good luck with moving and such!

  2. gary goldman is hilarious. and heffron is pretty good as well.

    goldman is gonna take it though. my favorite bit is the bit on the pill. yeah you know what i'm talking about. the word 'the' followed by a noun. and everyone knows what it is. i was dying.

  3. You didn't read the truth-in-lending disclosure, did ya? That's some scary shit right there.

    Congratulations on being a homeowner. Who services your loan? If TheFirm does, I will thank you for paying my salary. :)

  4. To steal from H, I *heart* Gary Goldman. I literally found myself singing, "Go cute tall Jew" to the theme of the Speed Racer theme song when Gary was picked for his first challenge and I found myself bursting into the same song when he was up for the 2nd time. He really is a cutie, plus he's charming, funny, tall, and Jewish. What more could this girl ask?

    It's okay, my husband understands. I needed a new standby since Jon Stewart got married a few years ago and now Gary is just that. :) LOL

  5. My mortgage is about the same but as long as I think of the monthly payment rather than the full amount, I do ok. Plus, we put in on the plan where you pay every two weeks, rather than once a month, so it adds two extra payments in each year.

    The Amish show rocks. My great grandparents were Amish- Menonite and I can still remember my great grandfather hiding a tv in his closet so that my great grandmother couldn't find it... no tv's or radios in the house!


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