Wednesday, July 28, 2004


I have reached an all time low. I am extremely excited for the premier of "Amish in the City" tonight. 
I hope it exceeds my expectations. 

E is finally home! I am officially off duty.  Not a moment too soon I may add. I actually locked myself out of my apartment with my babies inside running free. Oh yeah. What a fucking ass I am. Horrible images ran through my head as I ran to find one of the workers to let me back in.  I was only out for about 15 minutes max, but I was freaking. I mean who does that?! 
The only positive thing I can say about the situation was that I was fully dressed, a huge accomplishment for me the past 3 days. 

yesterday I was retrieving a package out side my door when I realized I was giving my new neighbor and his small daughter a free show. I was wearing a very low and loose cut VS nightshirt.  No bra. You get the picture. 
Nothing says "welcome" like breasts.

We are closing on our house in two days!  Helloooooo stress.

Is anyone watchign BB5? I really tried not to but I did catch last nights episode. One of the "leaders"  a real muscle head said he didn't know what the word "confide" means. I died. What losers they pick for that show!

I hope you guys are all watching Amish in the city tonight, so we can discuss tomorrow. 


  1. I watched Amish tonight, and I felt so bad for Mose. He nearly drowned!!! So sad, and to see him cry was heartbreaking!

    BB5 is a fucking joke! Holly has to GO...OUT OUT OUT! I cant stand her whining voice one more day.

  2. First off, this is hysterical:
    Nothing says "welcome" like breasts.

    Secondly, damn it, I missed Amish in the City. I saw the end of a preview for it yesterday and thought it could be interesting. How what it? What is it exactly?

  3. I didn't get to watch it last night! I was looking at the minivan in our complex.
    It does repeat though DQ Friday at 8pm.
    Be there or be square.

  4. I love Mose! And I am glad that Merriam isn't with that dude. She has a better personality and is beautiful. Brad (her ex, I think that is his name), is something else. And his voice! For the love of God........

    I do have to say that Amish in the City really got me thinking. At the beginning of the show you see just how ignorant most are when it comes to immediately accepting them. Throughout the show, I saw many parallels between the Amish and the non-Amish. I think one of the houseguests actually commented on it (they were on top of the building overlooking LA and the girl said, "I know how the Amish feel looking at this, I've never seen this and I live here). Makes you think.


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