Thursday, July 22, 2004

Thanks, Mom

When I was in middle school I would take the bus to school.  The bus stop was just up the street from my house, on a tiny dead end. Until this point, I was always walked to the bus stop, by my mother & we would wait for the bus together. Now that I was of age I was allowed to walk there by myself.
One particularity snowy, wintry morning I was walking up to the stop and I had slipped on the ice & fell on my ass. I was so thankful that nobody was at the stop at the time to see my fall and my walk of shame the rest of the 25 feet until I reached the stop. 
years later my mother told me she always watched my walk to the bus from my bedroom window and witnessed this ass whooping I received from father winter. She told me she laughed so hard, she felt bad for me but knowing I wasn't hurt, she laughed and laughed.
Maybe this is why I am a freak.


  1. Be glad she was watching you. If you couldn't have gotten up she would've been at your side to help you up.
    What a good mom.

  2. I like your site, Tuesday Girl. Some of your posts are making me laugh out loud, which is always a good thing.

  3. What a good mom you have. My mom would have opened the door so that I could have HEARD her laughing hysterically at me.


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