Thursday, May 27, 2004


Do you remember a time when you would actually stay on the phone all night, until 2 or 3 in the morning, with the same person?The invention of three way calling & call waiting were around the time where I "discovered" the phone. My Mom rocked and got me my own phone line in 6th grade. The teen boyfriend. I would talk for hours on the phone with that cat. I swore on my life that I just flat out loved him, and I did. Do teenagers do that today? What the fuck were we talking about? Oh God, and was there poetry involved? I swear, people always say those relationships are just puppy love but that shit truly shapes your young adulthood. The pain was real and so were the feelings. I had my share of insane young people relationships. They seem so very important at the time, don't they? That was a time when you got to wear your boyfriends letter jacket. Fuck the jacket. It took me a while to figure that out.


  1. Not only do I remember those times, but I now have a daughter who will be 15 in September and a son who will be 17 in August, so I'm reliving all those days. My son got his letter jacket this year (as a junior) for football, but his girlfriend has her own letter jacket (cheerleading) so they didn't exchange jackets OR senior rings. My daughter just finished 8th grade today so right now her passion is boys and basketball!

  2. Anonymous4:51 AM

    I still have my diary from those days!! I look back and think, "WHAT THE HELL WAS WRONG WITH ME??" In one part it keeps saying , "I think I love Mark....I hope Mark will be there tonight.........Why doesn't Mark ever talk to me?....." and I am wondering, WHO THE HELL IS MARK???????????????????? I had to read most of the book to find out who he was. Oh yeah...THAT guy. Was I THAT concerned about him? I thought I had a little crush but didn't realize I was smitten by a guy who was a friend of a friend who I barely KNEW! Ahhhhh, adolescence!

  3. It's hilarious because I do remember those days and feeling so cool wearing his letter jacket around school or his baseball jacket, and writing little notes to each other and wondering when I'd get to see him next...the part that's funny is that we stayed together all these years, got married and had a baby together...and I still get a kick out of being his wife!


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