Saturday, May 22, 2004

A waste of my Saturday

Today we had to go to my sister in laws house. She is married has 2 kids, 10 & 9 and I swear just by being in her house you feel chaotic and maladjusted. The house is always in disarray, kids everywhere, dust everywhere, toys, books, videos, clutter everywhere. You can't be comfortable there, you either want to pick up a broom and mop and get to it or you want to flee.
She invites us over because we hadn't seen each other in some time but when we get there we find out her daughter, son & husband all have other plans. Now why did I haul my cookies over an hour to sit & feel like we are in the way. I hate it. I dread going there.
I dread it like I dread the dentist or pap smears.


  1. there is no dread like a pap smear dred. I got a hysterectomy just so I could start getting them every two years, then the guidelines changed and I'm back to every year. Shit. Just my luck.

  2. Anonymous7:38 PM

    I don't visit one of Rich's sisters because we have never gotten along. A few years ago I agreed to go over there and all I could think of was, "I have so many better things to do right now and I am stuck HERE." I don't go because, well, I HATE HER!!!!!!!


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