Monday, May 23, 2005


Like many other bloggers I myself had a bout of constipation over the weekend. It took me two days to finally figure out what my problem was, but finally I figured it out & tensed up.
Just so you know, tensing up is not good for constipation. Not good at all.
Two aloe pills, one acidophilus pill and 15 minutes later everything was ok with the world.

We are going to Miami in three weeks. Baby B does NOT want to go on the airplane. I am sure she will be fine once we get on, but talking to her about it does not go well. She says "Don't want airplane!".
They have flown twice before but they do not remember. I hope it goes well because two kids on a small metal object hurdling through the air for 2 hours and 45 minutes is not good.
Not good at all.
We will go in with a portable DVD player, toys, books, food and prayer.
That is all you can do, man, all you can do.


  1. I'Ll go with you if Baby B doesn't :) Aloe pills- never heard of them. Maybe I need to buy some of those!

  2. Godspeed on your trip. Maybe sedatives will help? For the babies OR for you???

  3. I have to say that the portable dvd player can be a godsend and a much needed distraction!

  4. The meds I take tear my stomach up so I go from one end of the spectrum to the other. Constipation sucks.

    Hope you have fun on your trip. The only advice I will offer is if there is ANY hint of a sinus infection or ear infection, don't take them on the plane. The pressure changes will cause a great deal of pain. I've seen a grown man scream in agony during a flight, and children will wail uncontrollably, inevitably causing at least one dumb passenger to verbally abuse you or your child. I was so mad when I witnessed that... don't get me wrong, I can't stand to hear kids screaming. My kids are 17 and 15 so I haven't had to hear the piercing scream of a little kid in a long time, but that didn't give that passenger the right. Ya know?
    Anyway, good luck


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