Monday, May 02, 2005


Yesterday we went to my friend's son's 1st birthday party. It was a very nice party at her parents house and thankfully the weather held out because there were a lot of people there. Baby A & B had a great time running around with the older kids and playing with their faux Aunts ( my best friends). The theme of the part was Elmo and the favors were goldfish in a bowl just like Elmo's goldfish Dorothy. The babies were very excited and this morning woke up ready to name them. Baby A's is Chico and Baby B's was Dora. Very cute.
After I put them down for a nap I checked on the fish and Chico has perished. Poor guy, I hope he had a good life. Now E has to go buy a new Chico while I tell Baby A that right now Chico is sleeping. Horizontally. On the bottom. About to float. Gross.

Wish us luck with Dora and Chico II. I hope they live at least a week.

This post is dedicated to the memory of Chico and the 12 great hours we spent together.
R.I.P. Chico, we hardly knew ye.


  1. My fishes slept most of the time when I was a kid, upsidedown.

  2. once a couple of ours died after my bro turned the heat waaaaaay up and so mom scooped and dumped them in the toilet. bro took the next batch and flushed them live down the toilet. traumatic way to go, methinks...

    and those cheap goldfish suck. they always die right away, leaving you wondering if you could have done more...

  3. yeah, my sis and i had two fishes. named after two sesame street characters that i can't remember right now. and they died in one of those small bowls that we know now don't give fish enough oxygen. and then they died and we got randomfishname II and randomotherfishname II. how funny. we don't give them new names, they just become #2. lol.


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