Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Shopping Hell

A Lot of things happen when you get older. You become forgetful, you are not as nimble anymore and you stink at driving. But something else happens, something that many people don't speak of.
You become the deli police.
I was at my supermarket yesterday and there were no less then 7 senior citizens at the deli. I took my number and waited. These seniors are fanatical about their meats. One orders 8 different things each 1/4 lb. Another wants to inspect every slice the people make. Still another wants everything taken out of the case, inspected, deliberate, act like you are doing the deli worker a favor by asking for meats all the while yelling "I said thin!".
So freakin annoying. See me here waiting for you? Any respect?

In other news......I wish I didn't watch American Idol. I really do, and the whole time I am watching it I complain about how bad it is, how dorky Randy is, how gay Seacrest is, how crazy Paula is, but I still watch.
I like Bo, although he looks like he just stepped out of Lynard Skynard or Kansas circa 1976.
I just can't wait for the whole thing to be over, because they are draggggggggging this show so out. Just like the old ladies at the deli counter.


  1. I totally hear you. I am sick of the show, sick of them dragging the whole thing out....but yet I am strangely addicted. Its a sickness.

  2. Love your blog! The funny stuff cracks me up! LOL!

    As far as Bo looking like he just stepped out of Lynard Skynard or Kansas circa 1976, that's okay with me! ;)


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