Friday, May 27, 2005


I am glad it is Friday, this week seemed to go on forever.
Today I am getting my hair done, and hanging out in the yard with the babies.
Tomorrow is a big party for my cousin's graduation which I am sure will be fun. I asked the babies who they are going to see at the party. We had been talking about all of their Aunt's and cousins that will be there and looking at pictures of said relatives in a photo album. When asked who they were excited to see baby B replied "cake".
She ain't no dummy and her Momma raised her right.
Cake will be in attendance and we are ALL happy to see her.

Does anyone else think there is a Verizon wireless conspiracy? This is my second phone to "conveniently" have the battery die every hot second, the minute the phone turns two years old. Also conveniently just in time to sign up for a new contract and perhaps buy a new phone anyone?
I will not stand for this! I love my phone, but hate Verizon. Sadly they are the best of the worst.
After I get my hair done, I will slink over to the Verizon store armed with my determination and my ample cleavage and demand a cure for my ailing phone.

Wish us luck.


  1. You are right - and it sad, because they are the best of the worst so what can you do, other than put on your push-up bra and do what must be done.

  2. I hate cellphone batteries. Mine always dies when I really need it, so I never use it now, unless I *REALLY* need it. Yep, that phone sure is handy. And could they make the buttons any smaller? Mine are about the size of Tic Tacs!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Rich's verizon battery kept dying even though he bought a new phone last January for $50. How convenient it was when I walked into their mall shop and was told we were eligible for an update. Since our cell phones are our life lines, I upgraded. It cost $80 for both phones but I have sent for my $20 mail in rebate. I think $60 is ok for our upgrade but they are sooooo sneaky. Now we are committed for 2 more years.
    Who cares? Where else can we go that is actually better????

  4. oh yes, the cleavage should do the "wonders" - You Naughty Girl!


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