Thursday, May 19, 2005

Walmart II

Wow, people really hate Walmart huh?
It is only about my fifth time shopping there, I am a Target girl, but I really don't see myself going back too soon. I didn't grow up in a town with Walmart, North Jersey actually only got a Walmart about 3 years ago.
What is it that makes people hate it so much? Is it growing up in a small town with nothing but a Walmart to hang out in? Is it that they run small Mom & Pop stores out of towns? Is it the illegal immigrants they employ?

Or is it just the dumb people they have working there?

Oh and the colored sand I bought? It was purple, my favorite color.


  1. I don't have a Walmart near me (thank God) in my part of Jersey. But I hate it because of the workers and the atmosphere. The people are rude and ignorant, and the place is dirty, disorganized and dim. Target has basically the same prices, but it looks nice there and the people are much nicer.

  2. I prefer Target personally.

  3. Walmart pissed me off when they sold me a sanitized version of Kid Rock's Cocky album last fall. Hell I didn't even know they made sanitized versions of the albums 'til I got home and lisened to that thing. It's almost worth keeping to laugh at it. It's the last CD they will ever sell me.

  4. GREAT site! I actually wrote a Wal-Mart blog about 2 weeks ago:

  5. I grew up right nextdoor to you in Northern NJ with a complete lack of Wal-Marts. At the time I hated it. I loved going to Florida where I could stop at Wal-Mart and get stuff CHEAP.

    Now that I'm in the South and we frequent Wal-Mart (as much as it drives me nuts, the Super Wal-Marts are a life-saver with twins. One stop shopping), I've hopped on the, "This sucks" bandwagon.

    My vote is for the stupid people. Some of the dumbest people I have ever met were Wal-Mart cashiers. You know all those stupid comments we get about twins? I get the very worst of them from Wal-Mart cashiers.

    This is not a blanket statement about all Wal-Mart cashiers, just a good number of the ones I've come in contact with.

  6. I hate WalMart because the stores are dirty, their merchandise is crap, the employees are f'ing stupid, their management teams are even worse, they don't make an effort to move their crap out of your way when you're trying to get down the aisle while they're stocking, they seems to always be out of the thing you actually went there to buy, their clothes are hideous... I could go on and on. Target RAWKS!!

  7. walmart tortures the poor, exploits the disenfranchised, and smells bad.

    avoid at all costs :)

  8. We went to a get-together yesterday, and they had a sandbox, with purple colored sand in it.... and I thought of you stealing a bag of sand from Walmart. :-) Kid came home with a purple tinge to her skin.

    p.s. I prefer Target.


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