Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I Like Different Positions

I was watching late night TV and was bombarded with old commercials for the craftmatic adjustable bed. They still are selling those things?
My question is: does anyone have one of these beds?
I have been in many houses and in many bedrooms and I have never come across the owner of a adjustable bed. Really it is just a glorified hospital bed and nobody I know wants to be reminded of being in the hospital.
Strange no?

On another note I am thinking of getting E a satellite radio for his car. He spends most of his day in his car traveling so it would be nice for him to have extra channels, and no commercials. I think I will buy it for Father's Day.
Does anyone have one of these and do you like them? I am thinking of Sirius and getting the one that goes from the car to the house.


  1. Hey, Tuesday, i have XM Satellite radio and it is the best, i love it, and do not know what i would do without it...i would personally stay away from Sirius, i have heard it is terrible, and XM is blowing them away in terms of subscribers, and equipment. plus with XM you get the online feed included in your monthly payment. i think there is a deal now where if you buy 1 XM unit, you get a 2nd for free(hook yourself up too) i hope i helped you out, any other questions let me know.

  2. I used to BEG my parents for a craftmatic bed when I was a kid, I thought they were so cool. But you are right, its really just a hospital bed. And I don't know anyone who has one!

  3. I'm with true jersey girl. Those beds seemed awesome when I was little, but now they seem like they aren't that great. Hospital beds are not at all comfortable. Besides, I ususally sleep on my side or on my stomach so, that would be weird if like the head or feet were raisied in my bed.

  4. I don't have satellite radio, sorry. BUT... I am intrigued. What piqued my interest most was during the recent NFL draft (April 23-24). When I went to the NFL's website during the draft, they provided a link to Sirius NFL Radio. Guess what... radio commentary, I thought, was much better than the babble that was on ESPN at the time. The perfect combination would have been to mute the friggin' TV and put the sirius NFL radio through the home theatre speakers. Yeah, they would have been showing stuff on TV not in sync with what was on the radio, but no one needed to listen to the ESPN babble to figure out what they were saying most of the time.
    This was the only time I've listened to satellite radio... but I thought their draft day coverage was pretty good. If the other channels are as good, I think it'll be a winner.

  5. J I will take XM into consideration. I wonder if the monthly fee is the same.

    UR, well based on ESPN alone it is worth it, I swear E should be on the payroll there it is ALL he listens to or watched. Him & every other guy right?!


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