Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Oops, I Did It Again

I watched Britney & Kevin's show last night. I couldn't help myself. All I can say is : WOW.

I thought Britney's whole *thing* was that she was a virgin & planned to continue that until she was married? Not that we didn't know that was a lie but she really came out last night talking about how many times she did it in one day and such. Especially since she only hung out with him for 2 days before she was doing it. That little slut.
I love it.
Kevin is so gross I can't take it. So greasy. Is her body guard the only one with his head on straight, knowing that he was just coming out there to get a free ride. Right on Big 'Mo!

Ok enough with these media whores.

Tonight is the second to last Lost! I can't wait. It is the best show on TV, hands down.
Next week is the two hour finale and E & I will go all out with pausing the first 25 minutes or so on TiVo so we can watch it with out commercial interruptions and lots of good snacks.
Can't wait.


  1. I watched it too. Her skin is so gross. And enough with looking at her mouth :)

    So excitied about Lost!

  2. lol! Thanks for the details...I missed the whole show.

  3. I watched B&K while I was on the treadmill last night, but thankfully I didn't get the full effect since I had my headphones on as to not disturb Hubby with the tv volume. Gag me.

    I cannot wait to see what's happening with Lost! I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!And I agree, hands down, best show on tv.

  4. It was my anniversary last night so we were out and I missed Brit and Kevvie! I can't believe it!

    She has turned out to be a train wreck, I am sorry. She used to be attractive and seemed sweet, and now she is just a greasy trailer park hussie. Shame.

  5. I watched it, like the trainwreck that it was. I didn't WANT to watch me, but I just had to look. The whole damn thing was the camera trying to focus and flip-flopping about. Big Mo was right on too. Glad someone's got some sense in her camp.


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