Thursday, May 12, 2005

Stop, Potty Time

So I bought the book, potty training in one day and I have the pottys, I even have the kids that are in the potty training age range. But nobody is going to the potty. Well, E & I are but that is a uncelebrated victory.
The twins watched a potty movie, loved it but still no potty. Now when I talk about the potty, you know really hyping it up and making it sound like a whirlwind trip to Disney, Baby B says "no potty, don't wanna poopoo in potty".
There goes that. I don't want to force the issue and make then traumatized. So now we will wait until it is continually warm out and then I can keep them naked outside. With pottys. And encouragement treats.
We better get a fence up soon so the neighbors do not have to witness this scene.

Yesterday we went to the Philadelphia zoo. We had a great time and the kids loved it. They got to pet and feed goats and sheep and Baby B even brushed the goats.
A good time was had by all.


  1. I am dreading potty training time. I just know its going to suck.

    I am thinking of taking Princess to the Philly Zoo this year - the Bronx Zoo is better, I think, but just too big and overwhelming.

  2. Potty training is something I wish happened all on its own! It is a tough time...but it will happen. Definitely a slow process sometimes! Good luck!

  3. ahhh, we're in the same boat, it's potty training time. Think this will take a while, though...

  4. Hi! I just came across your blog from Sandy...Destiny just went through the potty training thing! we tried for about a year...bribing, treating, explaining, everything...nothing worked...then one saturday morning she woke up and went potty on her own and has been going ever since with no accidents...they will go on their time is defintely what i learned! good luck!

  5. What DVD are you watching?? We just finished potty training and Potty Power worked wonders!! Good luck, it can totally be done!


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