Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Is the Week Over Yet?

E has dinners for work all week so I am alone in meals and bedtime rituals.
It is hard to feed two kids, then clean the floor where they have thrown stuff then, clean their hands and face and THEN clean their high chairs off the food that is stuck there before it gets too stuck.
There are things nobody tells you when you are pregnant. Sure they tell you that labor hurts, to sleep when the baby sleeps (which is a crock because then when will I ever shower, eat or do laundry?) or that you can not spoil a newborn.
Nobody told me how much cleaning was involved or how much laundry I had to do! Sheeeeesh.
Fine, I am a neat freak and I am anal about cleaning, but really it is a lot to do.
I do have help now, we have a cleaning lady and she comes every other week, this way I can feel like the house is still mostly cleaned by me but gets a really good cleaning I do not have the time for twice a month.
Praise Esther for she is coming today!

Tonight I will be watching the finale of Lost by myself whilst my husband enjoys a nice steak dinner at Morton's.
Anyone want to join me?


  1. I'm a neat freak too, but only with certain things. Like toys need to be picked up, and my countertops need to be cleared off, and the covers need to be pulled up on the bed. I'd LOVE a cleaning lady, even if it's just once a month. I'd love a fairy godmother too. ;-)

    I'll be watching Lost, I can't wait to see what happens!

  2. I am totally not a neat freak. Don't get me wrong, my house is clean and fairly tidy. But I decided a long time ago that there were better (and more fun!) things to do in life than clean. So, as long as the house is clean-ish, I am happy!

  3. having cleaned house without the ability to have children as i am a man, i understand somewhat the problems of keeping house, but without the required peace to stay sane at the same thing, and I would love a fairy God mother too, and i also adore Tinker Bell and i can see why any normal male, though she seems small would simply be wild about Tinker Bell, Odd arent I, geencee she is so Beautiful and so accomadating, that is why. geencee

  4. I wish I had a cleaning lady so that I can not be a neat freak and let someone else deal with it. I am with on Lost. So excitied! What is in the damn hatch!

  5. I used to be a neat freak, but kids cured me of that. My daughter has two petrified milk soaked Cheerios permanently attached to the table by her placemat. I let it go for a little while and now they're a permanent fixture. What do you do?

  6. you need a dog! hey...i know a really cute one...

  7. Hey nita, I already have one, a needy one at that.
    AND two cats. And twins.
    I do have a lot on my plate.

  8. *dammit*

    yeah, the twins thing kind gets you a bunch of free passes ;)


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